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Mind Body Bowen

What is Mind Body Bowen?

Margaret, in conjunction with Anne Schubert, also a Bowtech Senior Instructor, has been instrumental in developing the Mind Body Bowen Workshop. They have taken this continually evolving practitioner workshop around Australia since 2002, the U.K. and Europe from 2004, N.Z. from 2005, U.S.A. from 2006, Canada from 2007 and Singapore 2009.

The Mind Body Bowen Workshop explores:

Bowenwork links with the field of Mind Body healing, the ‘when less is best’ principle, priorities for treatment, components and post-traumatic stress aspects. Addressing links to the subtle anatomy of the body (e.g. muscle/meridian correspondences) the holistic nature Bowen therapy linking the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual can be explored.

Utilising Mind Body Bowen a client’s session is individualised for them.

Please note that while Mind Body Bowen is not part of the nationally recognised training, it is Bowtech-accredited and eligible for Continuing Education points with Bowen Association Australia.

Current Mind Body Bowen Workshops

Australia 2022

Brisbane, QLDMarch 5-6, 2022
Melbourne - Brunswick, VICMarch 19-20, 2022

International 2022

TBC in 2022
If you would like to co-ordinate a workshop in your state or area contact me here. Further details and course outlines available.

Learn Mind Body Bowen

The Mind Body Bowen Workshop

This 2 day workshop is ‘practical hands-on’ with full involvement of participants as they directly experience all aspects from both a client and practitioner perspective. Interspersed with the practical work will be short sessions to introduce theoretical aspects, together with time allocated for further discussion, feedback and review.

Workshop notes will be supplied.

Bowtech/BAA CEU’s: 16 hours

Explore and experience:

  • How sensations as the language of the body indicate priorities for treatment and causative components
  • Bowen links with the field of mind body healing | Bowenwork and post traumatic stress | The ‘when less is best’ principle | The purity and depth of each Bowen move
  • Links between the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual as they relate to the holistic nature of Bowen therapy
  • Links to the subtle anatomy of the body, muscle / meridian links

Throughout the workshop the following will be addressed in relation to a Bowenwork session:

  • Body ‘Memory’ relating to sensation, tension, contraction and armouring.

‘Only when muscle tensions and armouring release can a state of wellbeing and relaxation follow.’

  • Innate Self-Healing Intelligence which uses signs and symptoms as a means of communication and provides access to ‘cause’
  • The ‘felt sense’ related to awareness and its role in release of post traumatic stress
  • Direct links via the sensations to the subtle anatomy of the body, including energy flows, meridians, muscle / meridian links
  • The enduring effects of birth trauma including prenatal and post birth issues. Working with babies and children, plus adults with residual associated physical, emotional and behavioural patterns will be explored.
  • The importance and relevance of the practitioner component in practice, including: intention, provision of a ‘safe’ environment, ethical and safety aspects, plus networking and further resources.

For full details, workshop outlines, venues, dates and registration, click here.

Margaret Spicer

Having been a Bowen practitioner for more than 20 years and a passionate Bowenwork Instructor since 2000, Margaret describes her own personal journey with Bowen as inspiring.

In the classroom, Margaret aims for a friendly and supportive classroom experience for the student and is deeply committed to encouraging both new students and experienced practitioners to realize their full potential as a Bowen practitioner.

Having always had a great interest in the philosophies and practice of natural healing including mind body integration and the innate intelligence of the body, Margaret brings her own personal and over 25 years clinical practice experience to the fore to encourage others to explore Bowenwork in-depth.

Margaret has also been instrumental in co-developing the Mind Body Bowen workshop with fellow Instructor, Anne Schubert. This continually evolving workshop, which explores Bowen links with mind body healing and holistic health has been taken by practitioners for continuing education around Australasia since 2002 and to Europe and North America since 2004.

With a background originally as a pharmacist, then a naturopath with over 25 years involvement in Natural Therapies and a successful clinical practice in Sydney, she brings an in-depth knowledge and a wealth of experience to each class.

Over that period, she has also lectured in various disciplines at major NSW colleges including Nature Care College, Sydney and spoken at many national and international conferences. She draws her experience from a wide range of modalities including, bodywork, naturopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, homoeopathy and vibrational therapies, including energetic and spiritual healing.