Margaret Spicer

Originally a pharmacist then a naturopath, Margaret has been a practitioner in natural therapies with a clinical practice in Sydney operating for around 25 years.

Margaret has been a specialist Bowen practitioner for more than 20 years and a registered Bowtech instructor since 2000.

During this time, she has also lectured at major NSW colleges including Nature Care College, spoken at many national and international conferences and conducted continuing professional education workshops around Australasia since 2002 and Europe and North America since 2004.

Having always had a great interest in and passion for the philosophies and practice of natural healing, including mind body integration, preventative health and wellness aspects, Margaret brings her own extensive experience (both personal & clinical) into each session. She draws her experience from a wide range of modalities including, bodywork, naturopathy, herbal medicine, meditation, homoeopathy and vibrational therapies, including energetic and spiritual healing.

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Memberships: Margaret is a member of the Australian Traditional Medicine Society (MATMS 1725), an accredited member of the Bowen Association of Australia (AMBAA 1888) and a life member of the Bowen Therapy Academy of Australia.

Maria Gonzalez

I have worked in natural health as a manual therapist based in Sydney, since 2007. I have personally
experienced profound benefits with Bowen therapy. It provided me with lasting relief from chronic pain after a
soft-tissue injury. Bowen gave me the freedom to do the activities that I love: high impact flamenco dance, long days of Vipassana meditation practice and walking in Patagonia. This Bowen healing experience is what led me to be trained and certified as a Bowen practitioner, and I now wish to bring the benefits of this therapy to you.

As a Bowen practitioner, my ultimate goal is to facilitate the healing process of my clients and assist them to regain a level of function, comfort, freedom from pain and a better quality of life. In this process, I truly appreciate how the therapeutic, gentle approach of the Bowen technique has a positive effect on people, and how it can offer insight and awareness into their own wellbeing.

My approach is to create a respectful and safe environment that allows the client to relax and feel calm. I offer an attitude of non-judgment and absolute confidentiality when it comes to taking care of my clients. For me, it is a privilege to serve my community in this way. 

Australian Traditional Medicine Society
Bowen Association Australia